DS 2

  • Over 40mm Thick Body and Door
  • CNS 105 Min Fire Tested and Certified
  • UL RSC Certified
  • Internal hardened Steel Anti-Drill Plates
  • Glass Plate Relocking Device
  • Side Wall Drill Deflector Plates
  • Steel/Concrete Wall and Door Composite Material
  • Internal Reinforced and Recessed Bolt Down Provisions
  • 5 Year Structural Warranty to Safe
  • Up To 9 Stage Textured Paint Finish Including Clear Coat Protection
  • Vinyl Lined Interior Walls and Shelving
  • Key Hooks and Document Pockets Conveniently Located on Internal Back Panel
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  • Security and space come together in the DS-2 to provide a practically sized commercial fire and security safe that boasts all of the high security features expected in a quality built safe.

    The first safe in the DS Series to include dual relocking devices, 3 way locking bolts and the higher insurable cash rating, the DS-2 safe is a prime example of balance between efficient use of space and providing optimum security for cash and commercial valuables

    In addition to the 5 oversize locking bolts that secure top, bottom and the opening side of the door, the hinge side is protected by a full length, concrete filled locking bar that prevents hinge side forced entry.


    • Over 40mm thick body and door
    • CNS 105 min fire tested and certified
    • Underwriters Laboratories RSC certification
    • 3 way locking bolts and hinge side solid bar locking
    • Internal hardened steel anti drill plates
    • Glass plate relocking device
    • Spring loaded case relocking device
    • Side wall drill deflector plates
    • Steel/concrete wall and door composite material
    • Internal reinforced and recessed bolt down provisions
    • Universal lock footprint for easy lock conversion
    • 5 year structural warranty to safe*
    • US made LaGard digital locks or Australian made key locks as standard
    • Up to 9 stage textured paint finish including clear coat protection
    • Internal sensor activated light
    • Vinyl lined interior walls and shelving

    PLEASE NOTE: Depth dimensions do not include lock, handle and hinges. Please allow 50mm or confirm additional dimension with retailer prior to purchase.

    External Dimensions (mm): 570 x 550 x 550 (Depth dimensions do not include lock and handle. Please allow 50mm additional or check with dealer prior to order)

    Internal Dimensions (mm): 445 x 410 x 370

    Approx Weight (kg): 173

    Cash Rating: $40,000 – $50,000

    Fire Rating: 105 CNS Certified

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